Our Packaging

Our PackagingIn tune with our philosophy of producing a range of Bona Fide beverages, we aim to reflect the quality of our products through the care and attention put in to our quality, environmentally conscious packaging.

We have no one single famed person responsible for the creation of the unique WOW design. It has come about from brainstorming and quiet creative sessions involving each and every one of our hand-picked WOW team along the way. We have put our ‘personal spirit’ into these elegant bottles.

Our state of the art bottling facility is certified A grade. All our glass bottles are designed in France - a process which has endured one year of creation. We use custom-made glass stoppers in our products. With a gentle ‘flick’ of the stopper your bottle is now open for you to enjoy the nectar within. When you have finished your bottle, don't forget to recycle it. They look great in the kitchen filled with vinegar and oils.

The pristine, elegant black inner box we have selected for you to receive your premium products from WOW is recyclable and has finger holes to the side for ease of transport. These boxes are further encased by our custom logo brown box – also recyclable. It is twin cushioned for protection, allowing your precious cargo to arrive to you in the same perfect condition it left our place, ready for you to enjoy – whether it be neat, over ice – with friends on the water or on land!