Alexandre Samoroukov (Sasha)

WOW Engineer and Master Distiller

SashaA native of Russia, Sasha studied Geology at Irkuts Polytechnic Univeristy and obtained a Diploma of Engineering in 1982.  In 1991 Sasha's path changed and he bid the shores of the former USSR farewell and sailed away to circumnavigate the world on a yacht that he had built himself.

In 1993, after he had filled up on adventure, Sasha arrived in New Zealand and has been in love with this country ever since. Sasha’s New Zealand experience and Russian education helps WOW to create the highest quality, hand crafted beverages in the world.

When he’s not exacting the formula in the distillery you will find him indulging in literature, good food and wine, organic farming, sailing, diving and skiing.