Michael Khimich

Mikhail-cropWOW Owner and Director

Michael was born in the Far East of the former USSR. His character and resolve were built during the years he spent in the Soviet Navy. After his military service be became involved in crude oil drilling, an activity common in the region he was from. Then, in 1991 everything changed, and in the new state of Russia Michael was able to apply his entrepreneurial spirit. He tried a number of different fields of business, even developing a sports TV channel, but he achieved his biggest success in the industry that he knew best, crude oil production.

Michael is a man of good taste who appreciates true beauty and he has a real love for the sea. This combination brought him together with his majestic sailing yacht ‘Thalia’. During an extensive refit of this yacht, which was carried out in New Zealand in 2008, Michael visited “just for a few days” to check on the work. Already a sailing and rugby fan, this visit ended with Michael falling in love with the country and deciding to stay.

After establishing himself in New Zealand, Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to purchasing Waiwera Spa & Resort and Waiwera Water. Subsequently he founded Waiwera Organic Winery and the Waiwera Spirit distillery.

Michael is a connoisseur of gourmet cuisine and a knowledgeable judge of WOW products. He is the mind behind the Strategy and Philosophy of WOW as well as being deeply involved in the development of the packaging design and promotion of our products.

Michael is a good father to three daughters. He is a collector of rare books and fine art and a big fan and supporter of America's Cup Syndicate Team New Zealand.