Waiwera Spirits - 'Bona Fide' Spirits Inspired by the story of Robert Graham, a politician, businessman, entrepreneur and the founder of Waiwera Health Resort. Robert Graham was one of the first people to start promoting New Zealand tourism after arriving here in 1842, he bought land in Waiwera after discovering that the Maori believed in the springs health giving properties, which they called Te Rata (Doctor). Mr. Graham established a hotel at Waiwera and natural baths around it where people from all over the world would come to treat various kinds of illnesses. Robert Graham also saw good health effects of the water not only on the skin but also as a beverage and started bottling Waiwera Water in 1875, establishing Waiwera Mineral Water Company. What a lot of people didn't know, is that Robert Graham owned a lot more land in Waiwera than just the Waiwera Spring, he also planted cork trees, vines and various fruits.

The first thing he did after buying the land at Waiwera, is he acquired a license to distil and sell alcohol. Before the health spa and the mineral water, Robert Graham was distilling, and being from England, he was most likely making gin using local botanicals. This is where the modern story of Waiwera Spirits starts, where health and pleasure are combined to create something unique and truly special. Waiwera Distillery is constructed using innovative techniques, that take advantage of the precision that modern equipment can deliver and the historical findings of Vera Grigoryeva (Historian and author of 'Vodka, famous and rare'.) the resulting products are of the purest quality with infusions based on 17th century apothecary recipes.

A team of professional Russian distillers, combining years of experience, history, modern equipment and an all-natural ethos, manages Waiwera Spirits. The all-natural approach starts at the very beginning, with raw ingredients that are used to make our products. The whole process happens at our own distillery from fermentation to bottling. !

The Process

The Ingredients

Team Spirit
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