The Infussions

Alexander Samorukov works with local suppliers to create natural infusions inspired by the 17th century Apothecary recipes. All of the recipes are base around ingredients with health properties e.g. Manuka Honey and Serrano Chilli, an antiseptic blend that helps ward off cold and flu. All of the ingredients used are natural and seasonal, resulting in vintage blends.

Although we do not recommend consuming our spirits for health purposes, we do believe moderate consumption will not have adverse effects. We recommend taking our spirits with food and not exceeding the 1ml/1kg of body weight ratio per day.

The Water

Waiwera Spirits are blended using un-treated water from our own Artesian Bore; it has been filtered for 8000 years through volcanic rock. As good as it is on its own, it is perfect for our spirits, as it is as pure as naturally possible. The Artesian Bore where we source our water from, its properties are: TDS 250mg/Ltr, Hardness only 3mg/Ltr and Ph is 9.5.

To compare, the usual TDS (total dissolved solids) of drinking water is 500mg/Ltr or more, the hardness of water for vodka is allowed to be up to 8mg/Ltr and usually the water used for vodka is filtered through reverse osmosis,
which gives it total neutrality or Ph7.0.

As a result our products have a unique alkaline Ph level. .

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